Outsourcing and staffing

IT People Finding IT People... There Really is a Difference

The phrase, “We’re different” certainly doesn’t hold the weight it used to many years ago.  Saying you’re different is much easier than actually being different.  For CSI, staffing isn’t a service we provide it’s a solution.  The success we have in finding the right candidate is based on the fact that we are IT People Finding IT People.  What that means to our clients is that candidates are being screened by IT professionals with IT backgrounds.  People who know what the right answer is and understand why it’s the right answer.

For most people, that would be good enough, but not for CSI.  A candidate will meet with a technical specialist from CSI’s ranks for a peer-to-peer review.  These carefully chosen specialist are CSI team members currently performing the same duties that the candidate will be expected to perform for the client.  This important peer review is a critical information exchange that encompasses real-world, real-time scenarios that the candidate will face once deployed to a client site.  This ensures that candidates are fully able to meet or exceed position requirements, and client expectations.