CSI Security Services


CSI has 18 years of experience protecting and guarding corporate information.  We understand the growing concern over cybersecurity, malware and virus threats as well as protecting your most important asset - your information and data!

We have helped hundreds of companies, small and large in size, assess, remediate and maintain a secure computing and data environment ensuring that your information is protected and available only to those authorized to view it.
We go beyond the typical "Network Assessment" or "Penetration Test" that so many companies talk about - we spend time with your employees, learning your business and the valuable data that resides within your organization.  We then look for "weak spots" in the protection of the data and work with your employees to close any holes that exist.

​Many organizations largest exposure is what is known as "Social Engineering".  This, in basic terms, is the simple stuff - such as passwords written under the keyboard on a post-it note, passwords too simple like the name of your dog followed by a 01 - then next month you change the password to 02, etc.  CSI will work with your employees to implement a policy that provides adequate security yet doesn’t prevent employees from doing their job. We can provide hands-on training to employees on social engineering tricks and the way a hacker may obtain vital information by simply asking you some innocent questions! 

We take full charge of all of the knowledge that drives your business, order it, manage and protect it so that your employees can work as a true team, cross pollinating ideas, collaborating seamlessly, responding to opportunities expeditiously and creating the kind of smooth and protected workflow that leads to maximum productivity, efficiency and profitability.  

CSI - The Guardians of Information

95% of all security incidents involve human error.  Be it through negligent or uninformed behavior like misplacing a mobile phone, using weak passwords, clicking suspicious links or opening malicious email attachments, insider threat is at an all-time high.

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Security Services We Offer:

Security Assessments

· Identify, monitor and analyze information-related vulnerabilities

· Help you determine methods to manage or resolve data security risks

· Spot potential data privacy and security compliance issues

· Prioritize remediation steps into an effective plan based on your company's specific goals, schedule and budget.


Remediation projects

· After completing the Security Assessments, our team will implement the agreed upon changes to your environment  

Policy design and deployment

· Work with your team to design a policy that is right for your organization.

Employee Awareness Training

· Training sessions to assist your employees in understanding the new security policy and educating them on what to look out for.

Network Vulnerability Assessment 

· Identifies network security risks and vulnerabilities


Network Penetration Test  

· Analyzes risk by exploiting identified security threats and vulnerabilities

· Validates current network security State and countermeasures

· Validates risks associated with identified network vulnerabilities

· Analyzes an organization’s risk based on technical, physical and non-technical testing

· Interviews critical resources to identify ongoing issues and future initiatives, and provides comprehensive understanding of organization’s security state

· Develops a prioritized remediation plan based on the analysis of an organization’s security risk

Wireless Security Assessment

· Performs rogue access point detection and reviews device configurations for compliance with security mandates and industry regarded security based practices

· Performs wireless (perimeter and internal) reviews to identify security risks associated with authorized access points and neighboring wireless networks

Social Engineering

· Determines if hacker can obtain access to corporate information or internal resources by attempting to bypass physical or socially enforced security controls

· Provides a clear understanding of employees’ security awareness knowledge and policy adherence